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We offer healthy, beautiful koi from pets to show quality koi that can become champions!

It is our desire to find you the best koi for you and your budget. Take a look at our champions! We offer a nice selection of Butterfly, and domestic koi along with some select Japanese imported stock. If there's a koi you've been looking for please ask and we'll try to find it for you.

Our prices will be based on the quality and size of the fish your purchasing. Koi can range from $20 for a very nice pet-quality one-year old (tosai) to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mature show koi that will be used for breeding. We have access to some of the finest breeders in Japan.

Our 30 Day Quarantine Guarantee

We take pride in the fact that we quarantine all or new arrivals for 30 days. This insures you that the beautiful koi we are offering you are strong and healthy. Our quarantine procedure includes treating new koi with Aqua Meds® products for parasites and any bacterial infections.

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We have tried many koi medications and pond care products in the past and none of them have performed as well for us and our customers as Aqua Meds®. That is why we only offer Aqua Meds® products on our website store at special discount prices. This provides a real cost saving benefit to you.

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